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Home Care Medical

Our Mission – To enhance the quality of life of those we serve


Canes and Crutches

iWALK 2.0
Price: $149.00
Military Canes
Price: $28.00
Folding Cane
Price: $28.58
Adjustable Aluminum Canes (12 Colors/Patterns)
Price: $28.00
Standard Handle Cane
Price: $19.50
Uni-Poise Silver Cane
Price: $28.00
Heavy Duty Cane (Adult)
Price: $50.50
Heavy Duty Cane (Tall Adult)
Price: $60.50
Heavy Duty Quad Cane (Narrow and Large Base)
Price: $86.00
Quad Cane (Wide Base)
Price: $53.00
Medline Crutches (Youth, Adult and Tall Adult)
Price: $55.00
Medline Heavy Duty Crutches (Adult and Tall Adult)
Price: $152.00
Knee Walker
Price: $399.00